A hobby that grew

In 1993, Danish Mother Nanny Glerup hand-crafted a pair of slippers using the natural wool from her own Gotland sheep. So well were the slippers loved by family and friends, that Nanny´s hobby soon became a small-scale production - two pairs a day! That was the beginning of Glerups.

Nanny and her husband Ove worked hard over the years to improve Glerups. Many machines and tools were invented and trashed to keep up with growing demand for this indoor shoe. Today, Glerups „addicts“ all over the world get their daily „fix“ of 100 % pure, natural wool that is still crafted with love and care from the sheep to your foot.


Glerups started with wool from the family´s own Gotland sheep. But at Glerups, we never stand still! Over the years Glerups perfected the wool mix by blending Gotland wool with quality wool from New Zealand farmers. These farmers meet Glerup´s high standards for consistent quality and humane animal welfare.
We work with our farmers every step of the way and follow each pair of Glerups from the sheep to your feet.
After the sheep are sheared, Glerups wool goes through many processes and hands to ensure the highest quality and a perfect fit. We take our time to make it right. This is true Danish craftsmanship, down on the farm. The wool is washd in soft water, then carded and felted. The felt is formed into socks, which are steam-felted for a perfect it before soft calfskin soles are glued, then sewn on , for lasting durability.

How to care

Wool is self-cleaning. However, if periodic cleaning is required, your Glerups can be washed in the washing machine on the „ool“, „hand wash“, or „delicates“ program (max 30°C).

It helps to vacuum or blow your shoes clean of dust before washing. After a spin-dray put your feet into the wet shoes. Pat your Glerups into shape, remove, and leave to air dry. Your Glerups love fresh air.

PLEASURE BE CAREFUL! Natural rubber or leather soles may be slippery on wet and icy surfaces such as tile.