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The incredibly fun, cotton-wool Frisbee Alternative stands for closeness to nature and values ​​. The Pocket Disc Department as a member of the Fair Trade Federation is obliged to support the life of the Maya who create these artistic missiles, and to improve. In 2011, the Pocket Disc team has installed in 20 different villages water filtration systems. Moreover, as " Green Certified Business " the object pursued, the environmental ethics through a nearly paperless office and sponsor and organize local events, such as River Cleanup Day to meet. Last year alone, could be supported with the Pocket Disc 500 craftswomen.

Games & Co

Whether any kind of Frisbee game, disc golf, leisure or during sports classes - with the Pocket Disc is only your imagination limits the possibilities of the game. Try to hit a target, mugs put on and play bowling, carry out the light switch with the Pocket Disc, develop your own team game, Pocket Disc Ticker, select the Pocket Disc your pitch and so on... The Pocket Disc flies like a Frisbee, but does not hurt, perfect for children or if you meet at the festival by mistake someone. Even for older players or people with disabilities, the Pocket Disc is a great and safe sports equipment to support motor skills and coordination.


Indoor or outdoor, in school recess, as sports equipment, at a picnic, at the festival, alone, in pairs or as a team - with the Pocket Disc you can always and have your fun anywhere. Handmade from 100% cotton and wonderfully soft, it does not matter if it lands in your face time or flies against the window pane. And the Pocket Disc is much more than a hard Frisbee : Use you as a pillow for your power nap, to touch hot beverages, as replacement for a dartboard or flypaper. And Your dog bites also no longer in hard plastic. Catch the fun!